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Opening party

Last week, on Valentine’s day I celebrated the opening of my show room in most wonderful company. I had my friends from all walks of life attending my opening party, and the night was marvelous!

I had invited my trusted photographer, with whom I have worked many times before to capture the essence of the evening. Niki Strbian does an amazing job every single time, but even so, these photographs have exceeded all my expectations.

As I looked at the photos, I felt positively overwhelmed. These photographs projected it all: the feeling, the joy, the laughter, those deep emotions – truly the essence of the celebration! But in the core of it all, in these photos, I saw dreams that came true. When you gather your most important people from all walks of life into one space, there is no question, that the celebration will be a success. I think it really shone through in these pictures by Niki.

Friends are so very important in life. I`ve collected friends from schools, work places, hobbies, kids´ playgrounds, you name it. Friends hold such a tremendous value. The value that is impossible to measure. Friends are invaluable! You can tell everything to your friends, without holding back. The trust is mutual. Just a single phone call can put you in so much better mood in an instance. My most precious friends can sense me over the phone even without words. How amazing is that? Of course that type of connection really requires several years of friendship.

But back to the phenomenal opening party! When you’ve dreamed of something ever since you were a child, and when you have finally achieved it, the feeling is extraordinary! When you do work, that you love so much, that it doesn’t even feel like work, but every day feels like a gift, you really do forget the time, the day of the week, etc., it feels simply wonderful! It may be that one day I may get tired of being an entrepreneur, but at the moment, I really, truly enjoy it!

And as we all know, great parties don’t just happen. Splendid music and delicious food are needed to make the full package. I had invited saxophonist Timo Lassy, and hammond organist Mikko Helevä to perform at the party, and as it goes, professionals really do know their thing, and the music was absolutely spot on perfect! I could not have wished for anything more.

Also the food, as we know it, can be so much more, than just food. Here, I too, had let the professionals do the job. I have admired earlier at a friend’s party the treats created by Emma Wistrand. And so I decided to order the catering from Tenho Restobar, which is run by Emma Wistrand and Niina Jaakkola. Emma and Niina had put their finishing touches on to the food all ready at the atelier. They have previously checked my website, and created the food according to their impressions of it. Isn’t it great? As a result, they had produced little pieces of art, which tasted at least just as marvelous, as they looked.

And now, after all is said and done, all there is left, is to admire these beautiful images and smile. I’m left with most lovely memories from my opening party. Thank you to all of my wonderful friends, who made it to the opening! After all, it is the people who really make the party.

As I said at the party: opening is just the beginning! A lot is still to come. A lot!

Love, Anna

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