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Towards the Summer

Last weekend I saw my first butterfly of this spring. Brimstone butterfly fluttered beautifully amongst the flowers. That butterfly definitely represented something. The spring had properly begun, and the summer is on it’s way.

Inspired by the spring and summer, I decided to write about a butterfly exhibition we visited with my children during the ski holidays. I had intended to write about the exhibition already a while ago, but amidst the daily hustle the butterflies got overshadowed by more important matters.

The butterfly exhibition was a tropical garden, where the butterflies fluttered around freely, in a place called Fjärilshuset. This venue is situated in Stockholm Sweden, and you can find more information about it from the following link:

I warmly recommend visiting there. You can get an idea about what that place looks like from this blog post, but only by visiting the place yourself can you truly experience the beauty of it. As the matter of fact, I thought I was going to an Aquarium to see the fish and the sharks, but surprisingly, there was this beautiful butterfly exhibition. Might I mention, that also my sons seemed to enjoy the butterflies more than the fish, because the butterflies lived in freedom, fluttered around, and followed the attractive colored clothing and footwear.

The place in question is situated in the middle of a large and beautiful garden. It was winter, when we visited. In the winter the tropical heat inside the building felt absolutely wonderful. The parade of flowers, and colorful, large butterflies were an incredible sight to experience. I imagine, that the place is quite something in the summer as well. There was also a café/restaurant, which in my opinion was also very beautiful. The entire building was like a large summery greenhouse, and the atmosphere was just as incredible.

A friend of mine shared that she was at Fjärilshuset at a wedding. I can just imagine, how incredible of a venue this place would make for a party. I really recommend visiting this place especially for those of you, who enjoy taking photos. You could take absolutely stunning photos in this place. I myself got a lot of inspiration for my future work projects, especially for the outfits for little girls. Sometimes, you can find most beautiful places quite by accident.

May your spring be beautiful!

Love, Anna

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